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USB device converting numbers from card

Miroslav Blasko



I am trying to solve a specific issue, the environment is Xenapp 7_2203_3000 on server datacenter 2019.

The users have a USB card readers -  the reader is simply reading card number.

On the local PC the output from device looks like this: 0012218260
But in the citrix session looks like this: éé+ľľ+áľžé


The crazy letters are actualy letters from slovak keyboard - on the keyboad the letter "é"  is where is "0", ect.. but u  need to press shift to write numbers...


Any fix apriciated, thanks


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Then I fear that this may simply be a limitation of the built-in Citrix client device redirection functionality of the Citrix Workspace app. I have seen similar cases where for instance copying japanese files from the client to the Citrix session was not possible since the japanese chars could not be interpreted and thus equally got translated into something like "??????".

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