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Environment variable clietname for published apps not found

Matthias Kaiser




We have been using the system variable %clientname% for queries on the VDA for a long time.


Now we noticed that the variable is only displayed when accessed via a full desktop and no longer when a published application is used.


We checked this with the “SET” command. Unfortunately, we don't know when or in what context this changed or why.


Our platform is server win2016 with VDA 2203 LTSR CU3. However, the registry entry for each user is still there: HKCU\Volatile Environment\<sessionid>\CLIENTNAME = Value


Does anyone have any information about this or perhaps been able to solve the same problem?



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We currently use Win10 and various other operating systems, mostly with CWA 2307.1 or higher


yes, the display in Director is correct and works just like other software products, which probably only query the registry and not the variable


We have now been able to determine that the behavior also occurs with another colleague in a similar Citrix environment and is understandable.


We therefore suspect that the misconduct has been going on for a long time and has only now been noticed.


Unfortunately we don't know the cause.

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This was removed from the environment variables in 2019 and 2022.  So, your best bet is to grab it from a registry query.


It looks like clientname was only available on 2016 for local users, not domain users at some point from software updates.


If you are scripting with powershell, this might work for you.


$sessionID = (Get-Process -PID $pid).SessionID

$sessionCLIENTNAME = (Get-ItemProperty -path ("HKCU:\Volatile Environment\" + $sessionID) -name "CLIENTNAME").CLIENTNAME

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