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Unified Gateway - Bookmarks to act just as bookmarks when internal?


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Hi All,


This might be a silly question as I play with UGW, i'm trying to wrap my head around the app panel dashboard.


Specifically, how to provide bookmarks via the reverse proxy function /cpn/ when externally and whilst internally just directly to the internal URL of presented resources without creating a custom dashboard page linking to the resources. I can mirror the gateway config onto internal gateways but still can't seem to find out how to use bookmarks as just that whilst people accessing the site are internal.  


- Is there a good way to limit visibility bookmarks based on IP (E.g. external user vs internal user) on top of AAA group association if you were to consolidate it at just one UGW?

- Unchecking Use NetScaler Gateway as a Reverse Proxy still shows the /cvpn/ URL path, can the bookmarks be used as just a bookmark for internal users, going to the specified internal resource directly (https://app.domain)?


Any blogs/reference material would be great, ive been reading through the official docs and a few blogs but haven't found much around internal representation!



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