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REST API Sites_GetSite is returning null values for license information

Lee McWilliam1709161866


Using get SiteID with GET https://api-eu.cloud.com/cvadapis/me API, then using GET https://api-eu.cloud.com/cvad/manage/Sites/{{var_siteID}} to retrieve Licence information "null" values are returned:


"BaseOU": null,

"ColorDepth": "TwentyFourBit",

"ConnectionLeasingEnabled": false,

"DefaultMinimumFunctionalLevel": "L7_20",

"DefaultDesktopIconId": "1",

"DnsResolutionEnabled": false,

"LicenseGraceSessionsRemaining": null,

"LicensedSessionsActive": null,

"LicensingGraceHoursLeft": null,

"LicensingGracePeriodActive": null,

"PeakConcurrentLicenseUsers": null,

"ReuseMachinesWithoutShutdownInOutageAllowed": false,

"DefaultSecureIcaRequired": false,

"TotalUniqueLicenseUsers": null,

"TrustRequestsSentToTheXmlServicePort": null,

"LicensingAlerts": null,

"Id": "hidden",

"Name": "cloudxdsite"


To rule out permissions a non-rest call using get-brokersite the values are returned correctly with no null values. Null values can also be reproduced with :

• going to Citrix DaaS REST APIs (cloud.com) url = https://developer.cloud.com/citrixworkspace/citrix-daas-rest-apis/apis/Sites-APIs/Sites_GetSite

• push Invoke API button

• select api eu cloud url

• enter Site ID in the required Path field

• enter Citrix Customer Id in the required Header field

• generate Authorization header with your client id and secret


It seems there is an issue with license information with rest vs PS SDK method?

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