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Issue with Dual NICs and Workspaces





On our server we have 2 NICs. One is a primary NIC from AWS dishing out Subnet 10.20.20.x to the server (used for internet access etc...) then we have OpenVPN installed on the server as well that users use to connect to the server which created a Virtual Nic on Subnet 10.10.10.x.


Our issue is Workspaces seems to want to use the primary NICs IP address, but we want to use Citrix via the VPN for security reasons. I had to manually add 10.10.10.x to the StoreFront to fix that issue so we can access it over the VPN. But it appears Workspaces IP address is taken from the primary nic as well and because its on the wrong subnet, users that attempt to use Workspace over the VPN is unable too sign in "no store found" error is presented.


At first we thought this was a cert issue but that has been verified functional (using internal CA). I tested with a workstation on the domain, without VPN it can log into Workspaces but while on the VPN is is unable log into Workspaces.


At this point issue isnt cert related and is indeed a dual nic issue. My question is where is the configuration files to add the IP address manually for Workspaces? (im assuming the process is similar to how StoreFront IP was updated manually, see below article) I just do not know where the config file is for Workspaces, and/or does it need to be done via the Delivery Controller?




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