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Issues with Citrix UPM after update to 1912CU8

Jens Herrmann1709154657




we just started to test an VDA update from 1912 LTSR CU7 to CU8 on an Windows Server 2012R2 image.
This includes UPM as well.

With 1912 LTSR CU7 it runs fairly ok.
After the update we see with the new UPM 1912 LTSR CU8 following issue (no other change on the image except VDA update) that results in a bad UPM behavior:

2023-10-06;12:24:50.725;INFORMATION;S***;h***;2;1460;GetUserStorePath: User Store: Path Out: \\citrix***
2023-10-06;12:24:50.835;INFORMATION;S***;h***;2;1460;GetProfileContainerFolderName: The profile container folder name is: Win2012R2
2023-10-06;12:24:50.835;INFORMATION;S***;h***;2;1460;XenApp Optimization, enabled: 0, definition path: 
2023-10-06;12:24:50.835;INFORMATION;S***;h***;2;1460;SessionCount::RealTimeCount - User: h***, Domain: S***, Session Count: 0.
2023-10-06;12:24:50.866;INFORMATION;S***;h***;2;1460;ProcessLogon: Found a profile in the user store: <\\citrix***>.
2023-10-06;12:24:50.866;INFORMATION;S***;h***;2;1460;QueryLocalProfile: No profile directory found.
2023-10-06;12:24:50.866;ERROR;S***;h***;2;1460;GetRegStringData: RegQueryValueEx of value <ProfileImagePath> failed with: The system cannot find the file specified.
2023-10-06;12:24:50.866;ERROR;S***;h***;2;1460;GetRegStringData: RegQueryValueEx of value <ProfileImagePath> failed with: The system cannot find the file specified.
2023-10-06;12:24:50.866;ERROR;S***;h***;2;1460;GetRegStringData: RegQueryValueEx of value <ProfileImagePath> failed with: The system cannot find the file specified.


This error information is repeated a few thousand times in the log, then follows:

2023-10-06;12:24:51.069;INFORMATION;S***;h***;2;1460;GenerateNewProfileFolderName: Determined the name of a new profile directory: <>.
2023-10-06;12:24:51.069;ERROR;S***;h***;2;1460;QueryLocalProfile: Failed to generate new profile folder name for h*** <S-1-5-***> with: Element not found.
2023-10-06;12:24:51.069;ERROR;S***;h***;2;1460;ProcessLogon: Initializing the local profile failed.
2023-10-06;12:24:51.100;INFORMATION;S***;h***;2;1460;DispatchLogonLogoff: Updated Group Policy Extension history for <S-1-5-***>
2023-10-06;12:24:51.100;INFORMATION;S***;h***;2;1460;DispatchLogonLogoff: ---------- Finished logon processing successfully in [s]: <0.58>.
2023-10-06;12:27:49.299;INFORMATION;;;2;2764;DispatchLogonLogoff: ---------- Starting logoff processing...
2023-10-06;12:27:49.315;INFORMATION;;;2;2764;IsRunningInTerminalServerSession: Terminal services installed.
2023-10-06;12:27:49.315;INFORMATION;;;2;2764;IsRunningInTerminalServerSession: Console session.
2023-10-06;12:27:49.315;INFORMATION;S***;h***;2;2764;DispatchLogonLogoff: UserSID = S-1-5-***
2023-10-06;12:27:49.315;INFORMATION;S***;h***;2;2764;CheckUserExistsInGroup: No Entries Found In ExcludedGroups
2023-10-06;12:27:49.315;INFORMATION;S***;h***;2;2764;CheckUserExistsInGroup: No Entries Found In ProcessedGroups
2023-10-06;12:27:49.315;INFORMATION;S***;h***;2;2764;CheckIfUserNeedsToBeProcessed: Logon/logoff will be processed.
2023-10-06;12:27:49.315;INFORMATION;S***;h***;2;2764;SessionCount::RealTimeCount - User: h***, Domain: S***, Session Count: 0.
2023-10-06;12:27:49.315;INFORMATION;S***;h***;2;2764;ProcessLogoff: Local profile is not a UPM profile. Aborting.
2023-10-06;12:27:49.315;INFORMATION;S***;h***;2;2764;DispatchLogonLogoff: ---------- Finished logoff processing successfully in [s]: <0.02>.

Any ideas how to solve this?

Kind regards

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Check the share permissions on the profile share.  With 2305 I found a bug that if users don't have full control to the profile share containers didn't work, since most shares were change level rights containers were broken.  They fixed it with a private hotfix for 2305, and included that fix in 2308.


CU8 might have had the same issue.

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Hi Jeff,

the fun fact is, that we do not use profile containers (even disabled by GPO) but UPM 1912 CU8 shows a profile container name, what is new compared to CU7 ...
On the user share at least NTFS permission is set to full control for creator-owner of the profile directory and users are creator-owner of their profile directory.
Share permissions I would have to check with Infra team. 


For now we do not update production to 1912CU8 ...

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We have the same problem after update 1912 CU7 to CU8. Curiously only on 1 server from many..

I opened the ticket to Citrix support, their advice is to wait for CU9 or upgrade to 2203 CU4. So I will try first replace the affected server first..

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My final solution was to replace the profile management from previous version (CU7).
Steps how to do it:


- stop service Citrix Profile Management
- uninstall it from command line: msiexec /x {9561164D-FD25-470A-BBC0-DD96AC863819}
- restart
- download Profile Management 1912 LTSR CU7 from Archived downloads on Citrix website
- unzip and install profilemgt_x64.msi
- restart


It works for me immediately.

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