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Windows 10 single session OS - MCS random desktops that allow changes to be saved

Steven Miller1709158406


Basically I want to use MCS to build a bunch of single OS desktops rapidly, but I don't want to make updates through the gold image. In this case I want to use MECM to make updates.

QUICKLY create a pool of 300 single-OS virtual desktops using MCS. Random assignment.

We want to use Citrix policy to delete local cached profile on sign off
We want to be able to use MECM to push problematic apps to this pool of desktops AFTER they are built.
So, I want to allow changes to be saved! 

I can choose "Save changes" in the desktop experience section of the MCS wizard, but only if I choose "Multi-session OS" (I'm using  single OS Windows 10).

Will I run into problems doing this?

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Are you trying to do Single Session with Server OS? If so, then install the VDA using the /servervdi switch.


If you want MCS to clone your template machine, then choose Single Session, Dedicated machines and Full Clone.


Otherwise, you can manually clone your template machine and then add it to a "Manual" Catalog. In MCS, choose provisioning as "Other Service or Technology" to create a Manual Catalog.

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