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Citrix Workspace Application (receiver.exe) high CPU usage

Erwin ten Elshof


Software we use

Citrix XenApp based on Server 2019

  • Citrix 1912 LTSR CU7 Provisioning Target 
  • Citrix Virtual Apps and Destkops 7 1912 LTSR CU7
  • Citrix Workspace LTSR 22.3.2000.2105
  • Ivanti Workspace Control


Server farm runs on 6x DL360 G10's with either dual Xeon Silver 4215 or dual Xeon Silver 4214R. Each XenApp server has 6 vCPU's with unlimited Ghz.


We have 1 company application that we use as a Citrix silo published app. When we install and start it directly on the Citrix XenApp environment the application runs deadslow. The application needs to run on the same machine as it's database, this is why we have it as a published app.


For this published app to work we have Workspace App LTSR 22.3.2000.2105 installed. What happens a lot is that the 'Citrix Workspace Application (32-bit)' (Receiver.exe) is using up 20-60% CPU for 1 or more users without it being used (just running in the background). Sometimes these users don't even have any applications open, or only Outlook. Receiver.exe will use upto half of the CPU killing the performance for all other users on the same XenApp server. We have about 10-11 users on each of the 20 XenApp servers.


We tried updating to 22.3.4000.4080 LTSR, but the same **** happens. I'm all alone right now on our testing server with this version and it eats up 50% of the servers CPU. If I RDP into each of our XenApp servers and kill the Workspace Application for each users that I know don't need the published app then it's fine. Without it the published app won't launch.


Any help/advice would be great ?

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Unfortunately the polling setting didn't do anything. We have also been in contact with our MSP who have assisted by making temporary exclusions to the Citrix folder locations for Defender for Endpoint. So Program files (x86)\citrix\citrix workspace 2203 and citrix\online plugin\ica client\receiver\ But that wasn't it either.


We had them go through our iSCSI network and all was fine, getting the full 10Gbit.

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We still don't have a solution for this issue. We are running without the Workspace App in our image now which solves the high server load but makes all cpu/gpu intensive stuff (websites these days are gpu intensive with all their damn ads) to now happen on the local computer. Most of those are HP Windows-based thinclients which don't really have any serious computing power, so the user experience is dead slow now.


Tried running the latest Workspace App LTSR on 4 of our 22 production servers but it immediately meant high CPU load again from the Workspace App. We notice that the users that mostly suffer from this high CPU issue have a huge list of 'Internal User' (can't even fit on the screen) that gets created within the Workspace App. A FSLogix profile reset gets rid of these and also greatly reduces the high CPU load from the specific Workspace App process.

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