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WEM CPU priority not changing priority

Anthony Brewood


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Are you actually in a scenario where you are facing contention?

My understanding is that these priorities only kick in if there is a contention scenario.


I’d also be surprised if that process wasn’t in the default wem exclusion list for processing - it’s not documented as such, but I’d imagine it should be

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Hi James, 


Thanks for jumping in.

There are audio quality issues but manually increasing the process priority to high resolves the issue. The issue is the user would require Admin writes to perform this action. So I thought this could be done with WEM.


I was under the impression setting the CPU priority in WEM only allows the process to be at that priority or higher. Am I reading it wrong?


From the documentation:

"The process priority you set here establishes the “base priority” for all of the threads in the process. The actual, or “current,” priority of a thread might be higher (but is never lower than the base). "



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OK so feedback from the team is that 


a) if you add the process to the exclusion list in Spikes protection, it won't be touched when WEM deals with contention scenarios and

b) if you add it to the CPU priority list, it should be raised accordingly (so your config should be raising it)


If it's not doing that, it's likely worth a ticket in

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