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WEM agent backwards compatibilty : skipping 3 versions : 2212 to 2308

Michael Warrillow1709160721


Need to upgrade WEM   ( i wish there was a LTSR)   and would like to go to latest version but have heard that the agent is normally only backswards compatible 2 versions . 

Anyone got any more info on this ?  Is it still true ?

So for example :   

going from 2212 to 2305 should be fine - agent being 2212 and infrastructure being 2308.

going from 2212 to 2308 may cause issues with agent being 2212 and infrastructure being 2308.   


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The 2 versions logic was more a rule of thumb to the best of my knowledge 


You should avoid upgrading the agent and prefer a remove and fresh install in my experience 


If you need to upgrade, and can’t yet do the agents, I’d be making sure that your cache sync is healthy and not throwing warnings on the endpoints. If it is, then you may need to delete it on machine startup and get a new one. It’s the schema changes on the broker side which can cause challenges with the current endpoint -  most of the time you’ll be fine 

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