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VPX Hard Drive does not match allocation in VMWare

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Hi all,


We are deploying new VPX instances (build 13.1-49.13) on ESXi hypervisors (v 7.0.3), and there seems to be an issue with the hard disk. In vSphere, we changed the hard drive storage from the default 20 GB to 80 GB (thick provisioned, lazy zeroed). Changes accepted with no issues. However, after booting up the VPX, and running df- h to confirm HD space, it does not show the full 80 GB we allocated in VMware.  It appears, from the VPX perspective, that the HD is only 20 GB. Not sure if I am misunderstanding how this works, and maybe it will expand on the flay, but I was expecting to see an 80GB drive space here. Does anyone have any idea what may be happening? 



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1 hour ago, Carl Stalhood1709151912 said:

Thanks Carl, this sort of reads like you can't change the 20GB default drive, but rather add a second drive? Can you confirm that the HD that comes with the OVF cannot be adjusted?

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