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Restrict Workspace App Version

Joseph Cutter

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Hey everyone, we have a VPX (Advanced license) instance and are being asked to see if it's possible to restrict connections into our environment to a minimum citrix workspace version, for security reasons. We dont have the platinum license so can't use any of those features. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Something inside the environment would be prefered (Policies, NetScaler, etc) and not something on the remote client.



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8 hours ago, Carl Stalhood1709151912 said:

EPA Client can scan the client for a registry key or file.


If you don't want EPA, then you can create a VDA logon script that checks the VDA registry for the client version. I think the values are at HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Citrix\Ica\Session\{SESSION_NUMBER}\Connection.

EPA requires Platinum license correct? I guess a login script could work but was really hoping there was a Citrix policy or something I could do on the Session Policy through the Gateway. 

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