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USB Storage Passthrough

Joseph Cutter


Hey everyone we have been using strictly Citrix Workspace App but are looking into the HTML5 client for connections into our environment. We are trying to map a USB Storage Device in through HTML5 and it doesn't show up as an option to map but if we do it through receiver all is OK. Is this not a feature? I can't find anything that specifically calls it out.



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11 hours ago, Jeff Riechers1709152667 said:

Has the HTML5 client been updated on storefront to the latest versions?  Client drive mapping is a relatively new function.

Our Storefronts are currently on 1912LTSR. I didn't realize you could download a new version of the HTML5 client and apply it to the storefront. If I go to the download page for the workspace app I see the HTML5 for Storefront and a ton of versions. Can the latest version (2309) be applied to a 1912LTSR storefront?



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