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Citrix over VPN?

Michael Payne1709161292


Current setup is having users connecting via VPN(PaloAlto) to the internal Storefront servers. We now implementing new Storefront servers and gateways split tunneling that connection to the external gateway as is "best practice" or at least used to be. We're being asked for data to show that it's better that way than our current method. I have a bit of internal tester data but I haven't had a lot of luck finding anything conclusive. Does anyone have any sources showing the benefits of a pure Citrix connection to a gateway without vpn overhead? Specially in regards to user impact.

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Using the SSL ICA proxy is dramatically faster than using a VPN, as all the traffic overhead is removed.


If you have Citrix Gateway setup you can install an ADM Appliance and enable HDX and Gateway analytics to get information on the Citrix Sessions.


To do a side by side comparison, I would say a screen recorder is going to give you the best comparison.  Take the 2 videos and play them together to see the difference between them.

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