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To Bind or not To Bind, that is the question

Tim Colon

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Should I build out a new netscaler or just bind the new environment to the current netscaler?


So we have Netscaler 13.1, with a 7.9 citrix environment. I am upgrading to 2203 by crating a whole new environment. Currently I'm at a crossroads, do I setup a whole new netscaler, or do I bind the new environment and then unbind the current environment? This is my first time building out a citrix envrionment, as the 7.9 was setup years before me, and a lot of citrix lingo is still foreign to me. I have the new one working, and some users pointing to the new environment and not having issues with it, but now need external users to be able to connect to it.  The current plan with it, is to get it to LTSR to be supported and then eventually move to citrix cloud.


Just need advice on the best thing to do in this situation.


thank you,

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7 minutes ago, Carl Stalhood1709151912 said:

Common reasons for new NetScalers include:

  • Isolated networks - e.g., DMZ vs internal
  • Firmware testing - e.g., dev vs prod
  • Multiple datacenters
  • Isolated administration

Otherwise, a single NetScaler can host many Virtual Servers (VIPs).

Yes, our current netscaler has it all setup already. More on if I should just utilize what is already there or just build out a new one?

(Also your guides have helped me a lot, much appreciated) #fangirling

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