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How to start Citrix Desktops in windowed mode, and keep Citrix Apps in "seamless" mode?

Lukas Sch


Hello everyone,


we recently switched our Citrix ADCs to enable nFactor. DDCs and Storefront are still exactly the same.


Since this change we experience the following issue: (default.ica has not entry for "ConnectionBar")


When starting an App via Store, the App opens in seamless mode like it should.

Starting a Desktop via Store; the Desktop starts in FullScreen without any possibility to change to windowed mode or even resizing.


Before the ADC Switch Apps were starting in seamless mode and Desktops were starting in windowed mode with the Citrix Connection Bar.

I then tested adding "ConnectionBar=1" to default.ica and Desktops were starting in windowed mode with Connection Bar again.

Sadly this also caused Apps to no longer start in seamless mode but as a window inside another window called "Citrix Desktop Viewer".


I don't understand why this ADC Switch with same DDCs and Storefront (Stores) in background is acting different now.


I hope I have explained the problem clearly and someone has an idea for a solution.


// Lukas

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