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Netscaler with Azure MFA - Push notification not working

Roberto Pereira

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Hi there,


I hope someone can help. I configured a Netscaler 13.1 49.13 with Radius Authentication to a NPS Server which has Azure MFA configured how described here: https://www.thomaspreischl.de/netscaler-azure-mfa/


Since some weeks, the Push Authentication is not working. When I authenticate on Microsoft (for example office.microsoft.com) I receive a Push Notification on the mobile phone to confirm the Authentication and I have to introduce a number on the phone.


When the same user authenticates on Netscaler, he has to introduce the Passcode from the Microsoft App and no push notification is comming anymore.


Any idea why Push Notification is not working when login trough Radius on Netscaler?


Thank you and Regards,


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Hi Carl


Thank you! this was the problem. With following Registry Key on the NPS Server the Push Notification is working:


1. On the NPS Server, open the Registry Editor.

2. Navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\AzureMfa.

3. Create the following String/Value pair:


     Value = TRUE

4. Restart the NPS Service.


Have a good day.

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