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UPM service cant be started: Access denied

Rastislav Makys1709161833



From y'day, we are facing issue with UPM service arbitrary stopping and can't be started, due to Error5: Access denied.

Server OS is W2022, VDA 2203 CU3, profile management 22.3.3000.3, the log show following, checked all GPO's, security settings on user shares, all seems ok, but service can't be started.

First impression has been resluting to MS September patching, but then we realized, that template from VDA are built is working fine, unless server is built via MCS, it works a while, or doesn't start UPM service at all after creation.

Any hint?



2023-09-19;07:47:56.649;;;;;8260;Citrix Profile Management version 22.3.3000.3 on CTX: starting...
2023-09-19;07:47:56.649;INFORMATION;;;;8260;Current Windows Version: Windows Server 2022, MajorVersion: 10, MinorVersion: 0, BuildNumber: 20348, ServicePackMajor: 0, ServicePackMinor: 0, PlatformID: 2, ProductType: 3, SuiteMask: 16, CSDVersion: 
2023-09-19;07:47:56.649;INFORMATION;;;;8260;Current Windows System Info: NumberOfProcessors: 6, dwPageSize: 4096, dwProcessorType: 8664, wProcessorArchitecture: 9, wProcessorLevel: 6, wProcessorRevision: 21767
2023-09-19;07:47:56.649;INFORMATION;;;;2860;Entering spsMain...
2023-09-19;07:47:56.649;INFORMATION;;;;2860;Attempting to start ISessionMetrics.exe...
2023-09-19;07:47:56.649;INFORMATION;;;;2860;Entering function for creationg ISessionMetrics.exe process
2023-09-19;07:47:56.649;INFORMATION;;;;2860;Attempting to create ISessionMetrics.exe process
2023-09-19;07:47:56.649;INFORMATION;;;;2860;ISessionMetric.exe launched succefully, setting isISessionMetricsCreated to true
2023-09-19;07:47:56.664;ERROR;;;;2860;spsInitialization: RegisterEventSource failed with: Access is denied.


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