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Citrix ADC Netscaler Service and Virtual status unknown.

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Hi Everyone,


Just want to ask if you have any resolution for this issue? I don't know what happened but as I checked the virtual server the status is unknown, I cannot enable/disable the virtual servers as well.

The status in the service is the same which is unknown. Anybody else here please have the same issue before and have it fixed? Thank you so much.



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Hi Carl,


Thank you for your response.

This is not an HA setup but a GSLB setup.


This instance is local GSLB site, but this issue does not occur in GSLB remote site Netscaler ADC.

ADC Load balancing feature is enabled on the VPX instance who has an issue by the way.

Already upgraded it to the latest netscaler firmware version but still the issue occurs, I didn't change any configurations recently.

Also, I noticed an issue in service monitors.




The unknown status anyway is also present in the GSLB services and virtual servers, not only on Load Balancing virtual server and services.


The GSLB is still working even though there is an issue in Local GSLB site.

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