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Clear CS Policy Hit count

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To see your stats/policy hits in cli:

show cs vserver <vserver name>


And you will see policy hits and the default destination hits for a given cs vserver.


To clear stats:

Go to Traffic Management > CS VServer > Statistics and see if you can clear stats that way. This should just clear the cs vserver stats and not other vservers. Don't check global or that is all stats on system.

Other methods:  You could save and reboot your adc which would clear policy hits Or unbind/rebind the policies to clear stats. (this would not be ideal...I know).

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Sorry for the cs vserver policy hits, the only way I can think to reset the policy hits is to bind and unbind the policy.

IF you have a large number of poicies; using a policy label and bind/unbind it to the vserver might be faster and allow you to preserve your policy priorities within the label. I didn't test this.

Finally, a reboot clears this.


I wish I knew of another way to do this.


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