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Netscaler 13.1 Users not getting prompted for credentials using workspace

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We have two netscalers in an HA pair running 13.1 Build 49.13

Users are connecting to CVAD 1912 LTSR. When they connect to CVAD remotely using the browser they have to type their username and password and complete Duo 2FA authentication every time they go to log in which is how I would expect it to behave.

When users use citrix workspace instead and set up their account, when they click on a published desktop the first time, they are prompted for credentials and get the Duo prompt, however the next day, or even the next week, if they click on the published desktop they are logged in without typing any credentials or prompts from Duo. If they sign out of workspace and sign back in they are prompted for credentials, or if the user reboots their computer and try to reconnect to the published desktop they are prompted for credentials.

My questions is, is this how it's supposed to work? How are they getting through the netscaler without typing credentials or prompting for duo, even days later after logging out of the published desktop? It seems like a security risk to me and not at all how I would have expected it to behave. If that's not how it's supposed to work, how is it supposed to work and how do I fix it? I've had a couple of tickets open with Citrix but they talk to me like they've never seen this problem and I feel like I'm going crazy. To make matters worse, we had this problem originally with 12.1 using basic authentication, Citrix said if you change to 13.1 and use nfactor this problem will go away, and it did. We created new netscalers and set up a new gateway and used nfactor per Citrix and Duo's documentation. It seemed to work fine until a recent firmware update and is now behaving the way it was before back on 12.1. We haven't made a single change except the firmware update.

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