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Windows 2022 server won't boot after using Provisioning Imaging Wizard

Derek Benak


I am trying to determine why a Microsoft 2022 server won't boot when trying to stream from PVS


I created a Windows 2022 server, patched, installed 2305 VDA and 2305 PVS target service. I run the imaging wizard to create an image file. I add the vDisk and assign it to a device. 

When I boot the image, I get "No bootable drives have been found or no OS". I have also tried the Create vDisk option and I get "invalid boot sector" when I boot the image.

For troubleshooting I have rebooted, reimaged, tried manually selecting all partitions, and create a VHDX and a VHD. I have also run the force inventory command


I am running on VMWare ESXi 7.0.3 hypervisor (with latest patches) and I am using the VMXNet3 network adapter. VMWare tools is installed. I am using PVS 2305.


I don't think I have tried imaging a Windows 2022 server before. I know previous versions of PVS would having problems steaming 2022, but I thought I they had this fixed.


Am I missing a step or procedure? 


Any help is appreciated.




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I am using PXE boot


Device connects to the PVS server during the PXE boot, but then I get no bootable drives or no OS.


I spun up a Windows 2019 box and I am having the same problem. I feel like I am missing something during provisioning. I have at least 6 different Windows 2016 and a Windows 2019 image in production so I don't understand what is going wrong.

could it be an issue with UEFI or TPM? I am capturing all three partitions during the imaging process. 

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