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Unable to manage VPX on Hyper-v Windows 11

Harm Peter Millaard

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Hi there,


On my laptop I run Windows 11 and want to run a VPX for testing purposes. When I create a new VM with the downloaded Dynamic.vhd disk (version 13.1 or 14.1), the setup runs and I can configure an IP address. After that I can ping the VPX, but I can't SSH or HTTP/HTTPS to it. When I log on to the console, I can ping the gateway from my network and my laptop.


I've tried different IP's, while I know its not a duplicate one. Retried the deployment of the VPX over 20 times with different versions, but it occurs every time.


On Windows 10 this was not a problem, so it might have to do with Windows 11. 


Does anybody have a clue on what might be causing this issue? If you can reproduce this problem, that would also help, as this is a confirmation for me that it's not a problem on my laptop.


Kind regards,



Harm Peter Millaard

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I'm running a Windows 11 laptop with the Hyper-V role installed, and i've got multiple NetScaler VPX appliances installed  for testing. I don't have any issues with them, so it's not a generic Windows 11 issue.

Have you configured a virtual switch within the Virtual Switch Manager on the Hyper-V Manager console? That switch should be bound to a real external network interface. The switch should then be the network interface used by the NetScaler.




Ken Z


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