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citrix gateway feature(s) not enabled

Warren Simondson

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Installed a Netscaler VPX Standard Edition (10) from an Amazon AMI (Marketplace (hourly rate) in an EC2 instance. From the web UI, went to Citrix Gateway and it states: citrix gateway feature(s) not enabled. My understanding is that this edition could do a Citrix Gateway - The option is checked on the license screen. If this is incorrect, what is the minimum ADC AMI to get this feature?

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Thanks Carl, yes did that but the feature remained unavailable, even after reboot. I ended up deleting the instance and building again, only to find the same issue. This netscaler was built on a non-internet facing AWS Outpost, so the time servers of course would not sync. Manually setting the date and time from the console fixed the issue. Thanks for your help.

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