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Updating SSL certificate thumbprints on persistent VDAs without causing interruptions to sessions



Hi All,


I’ve enabled SSL on a handful of persistent VDA’s and everything is working as expected in the delivery group, however I’m looking to automate the update of the certificate thumbprint using Enable-VDAssl.ps1 out of hours to reduce the hands-on management of these boxes and impact to active sessions at renewal. I have a manual script working fine, identifying the appropriate thumbprint and executing the script without user input,


I've looked to automate this with Task Scheduler (Run powershell.exe and call the script with arguments) on machine reboot, the argument -Confirm:$false cannot be passed to silently automate the script with the appropriate arguments. 


How is everyone automating this task, are external tools being used to run the script?





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how often are you changing your SSL certificate that requires you to automate this... just curious.

I use an internal Enterprise CA on my domain to generate 5 year SSL certificates for this kind of thing, so only ned to replace them every 5 years.




Ken Z


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