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Netscaler selective load balancing based upon source port.

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I have a use case where a vendor requires a reverse proxy or NAT to contact a group of workstations in my network from the internet.  Each workstation listens on only one port and the vendor initiates all sessions over SSL to a specific workstation based upon the source port used from a defined range.


They will provide a certificate that gets installed on the workstations so I think I need to use SSL-BRIDGE protocol.  I am thinking that my only option is to use a Content switch using port * on my DMZ and create switching rules to direct content based upon source port to a specific LB-VIP.  There will initially be 23 devices with more added later.  I was hoping I could route these requests with a policy on a single LB- VIP rather than building a custom VIP for each port-service combination.


Any thoughts on this?



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So they would all be behind 1 single ip but with a port for each station? 


What I would do would be to create a separate load balancer for each back end machine port, but all using the same IP address. 


Also for security if the vendor is coming from a single ip address I would either do a firewall rule on the nat to the load balancer, or as a listen policy on the load balancers to restrict the access only from that vendor ip.

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