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Hide System Tray from Citrix Workspace App Users

Erika Wheat


How can I hide the system tray from my workspace app users? I do not want the system tray items that are on the server to showup for my users using the citrix workspace app. I have tried using the registry key, which it works on the server, but my users are still seeing the servers system tray in their own system tray.



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It depends on which system tray icons you are seeing.  I usually will remove any of those icons using their various hide features, or remove them from the all users startup fully.  They will usually show up in the Settings App under startup, in the run keys of the registry for both hkcu and hklm, or as part of a service that runs for each user.


If you have a list of the icons that are appearing we can help you locate where they are called from.

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So veeam is in the hklm run key.


Bigfix I can't seem to find.  But check these same directories.


If you can't hide them, and are doing published applications and these are holding open the session after closing the app take a look at logoffsyscheckmodules



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