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Guest showing wrong network speed

Jeremy Brook


So I am pretty confident this has been created by a update in the last 6 months or a buggy management Agent.  I have a guest machine connected via a 1Gbit connection, it has been working fine for a few years, many other guests on the same hypervisor don't experience this problem.


I found the problem, when this machine would constantly drop off the network just out of the blue the fault started.  Luckily the machine isn't business crital and is just an exteral log for our firewall.  Anyways, after looking all around and what was causing the network drops we noticed the Ethernet Status shows a speed of 100.0 Gbps and not the 1.0 that it should read.  Anyone know what I can check to correct this issue.  the management agent is installed and shows i/o optimised.

I am running 8.2 CU1 with patches upto and including CU1045 installed.  The PV Network driver version is (23/05/2022)

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To confuse things even more, I have just fired up another brand new guest machines.  Server 2022, havent yet installed the Citirix tools and this shows the network as 1.0Gbps... I am confused.


Edit: This Server 2022 is now showing also 100Gbps network, it is 100% a fault with the Citirix Management tools.  So far my older 2012 R2 machine is on the only machine showing 1Gbps, the 2019 and 22  server which all auto added Citrix drivers (but not Management Agent) using Windows Update, show the wrong NIC speed.


Confirming the Host shows the corrected speed under the NICs tab.

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