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Citrix API Issue: Internal Server Error 500 while creating Hosting Connection using AWS lambdas.

Manav Narang


Hi Team,

Recently, we started to see the 500 Internal Server Error while running the Hosting Connection creation lambda function. Earlier it was working fine.


Below is the error message I got in lambda function response:

START RequestId: 5eeb58ed-2fe1-4171-8449-09fdc439b664 Version: $LATEST
b'{"ErrorMessage":"Connection: Failed || Error: An error occurred while validating the connection. See the error details for more information.","SdkErrorId":"UnknownError","ErrorType":"Exception","ErrorDetails":"Transaction ID: b7456317-df3e-4064-b1f0-9800af27d69d\\r\\nAction Name: CreateHypervisor\\r\\n","SupportLink":null,"ErrorReportXml":null,"ErrorReport":null}'
Hosting Connection creation was interputted for client FDS_SDFLOAD due to 500 Server Error: Internal Server Error for url: https://api-us.cloud.com/cvad/manage/hypervisors
Client FDS_SDFLOAD  details are not present in db
END RequestId: 5eeb58ed-2fe1-4171-8449-09fdc439b664 
REPORT RequestId: 5eeb58ed-2fe1-4171-8449-09fdc439b664    Duration: 18281.42 ms    Billed Duration: 18282 ms    Memory Size: 128 MB    Max Memory Used: 128 MB    Init Duration: 3105.01 ms





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