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Virtual Apps and Desktops Authentication

James Greenough


I have a Citrix env - 1912ltsrcu5 sat behind a netscaler 13.1.x - 100's of different customers login using domain\username and password for their published app


forget about licensing at the moment, Is it technically possible to offer SSO to these customers aka lots of different IDP's accessing this setup - AKA customers with their own AzureAD, or azure B2c or Okta, or other OpenID/saml offerings




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If your local AD has accounts with UPNs that match the email addresses provided by the IdPs, then FAS can do SSON. You'd probably need to add a bunch of UPN suffixes to your AD forest. 


Another option is to ask the IdPs to send back a custom attribute that contains a value that matches the UPN of a local AD account. Or you can configure a Traffic Policy on NetScaler to craft UPN usernames based on an expression.

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thanks for the above


can you point me in the direction of any articles either citrix or from your website that can  expand on those options


just to clarify the FAS option does that need the below or am i misunderstanding it


To configure FAS with third-party hosted VDAs, a two-way trust is required. The third-party hosted forest must trust the customer forest for a customer account to log on to a VDA in that hosted forest.



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Local accounts are sometimes called shadow accounts. https://www.carlstalhood.com/citrix-federated-authentication-service-saml/#activedirectory


Traffic Policies are an advanced configuration that is highly specific to your environment. Use them to manipulate the username so it matches the UPNs in your shadow accounts. https://docs.netscaler.com/en-us/citrix-gateway/current-release/vpn-user-config/traffic-policies.html

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