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Disconnected and stuck sessions

Luis De La Rosa


Good Morning! I am having a issue.  We are running a citrix environment that consist of Citrix Virtual apps 2206, PVS version 2206, Xen Server 8.2.1, VDA agent 2206, Storefront 2206(Storefront URl pushed through our Netscalers) and all this is sent to Dell Wyse clients to our campuses via Dell WMS. 


Issue Number one.  when a user is mid session he gets kicked out. They are no longer able to log back in.  when i go to citrix studio I see that the session has no current user and the session state is connected.  I then go to Xen center go on the VM of that session and its still logged in to the user that got kicked.  The only way that user can log in again is to reboot that VM to get it Unstuck.  weird part is that it does not happen to all users.  I though this was happening because of inactivity but on my policies i have it set to give enough time because at times the teachers have the kiddos just look at what shes doing so there is no activity.  Not sure if the remote software the teachers use to keep tabs on the kids have anything to do with it.  we have Impero remote services installed on the golden image.  VDA matches the version of studio as well. 


Issue number two.  when a kid launches a desktop on a Dell wyse client it does not go full screen.  i only get half screens.  I have Dell wyse manager set to auto-detect resolution. 


Please let me know what info you need to help me please. 



Citrix Sessions.png

Citrix policies.png

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