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Citrix ADM - Network reporting

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I'm trying to get the "scheduled reports" function in Citrix ADM to send monthly reports on Netscaler resource usage, and it works - however when configuring scheduled reports for "Network Reporting" on e.g. "Network Throughput" or "Resource Utilization", the report will show values in "Average" and not "99th percentile".

Makes no difference configuring "Aggregation Filters" to 99th Percentile - scheduled reports still come out with "Average" values.


In contrast to this the ad-hoc reports (the "Report Now" function) will generate a report (any time range) with the selected calculation method/Aggregation Filter.


Why this is a problem: 

Because the the "Average" calculation on values will not show peak values - e.g. if a Netscaler VPX has gone past its licensed bandwidth limit, the bandwidth consumption (using the "Network Throughput" report)  will show up below the licensed limit in a monthly report.


This is true for Freemium (non-licensed) as well as Advanced (licensed) Citrix ADMs.


Any help appreciated, thank you.

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Thank you for the reply.

I have already set up a a couple of powershell scripts to pull data with Nitro and then plot it to graphs in excel, and it works fine - doesn't look to good though.


I was just hoping to be able to utilize the already built-in functionality in ADM so that Netscaler reporting wouldn't have to rely on something that I jumbled together.

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