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Netscaler as forward proxy with limited site access

Dylan Ebner

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I have a partner organization that migrated one of their largest apps to AWS. For security reasons, the partner org will only allow workstations coming from a pre-determined set of IP addresses connect to the app. This would have been fine in 2019 when our employees were all behind a corporate firewall and IP space, but now with 80+% remote it's proving to be frustrating. The partner's solution is to hairpin the AWS IPs in our VPN, which we are doing today but it seems clunky. The app supports HTTP proxy, but not authenticated proxy so I'd like to setup a public proxy so remote users can access the app without using the vpn, but I want lock the proxy web access to only the few AWS sites to prevent abuse. Is this possible with netscaler or do I need to look at using squid?



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