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Citrix Win 10 Desktop - Stuck logging off

John Wilson1709158435


We have recently produced a new Win10 (22H2) Gold image via MDT, Citrix Optimiser & BISF and loaded up onto our PVS farm.  The new image has the latest patches and more importantly has latest CVAD (2305) to resolve a kyboard mapping issue on reconnection to disconnected session with keyboard becoming US layout.


This has been deployed to some Early Adopters - However we are noticing that when the user logs off / shuts down the VDA at the end of the day many of these devices are stuck in a "Logging off" state.  The devices appear to be working fine for the users otherwise.  I have a feeling this is potentially tied in with Citrix UPM as I know this should be updating the central store at logoff.  (1 user has impied it is not saving his tabs / recent history since new deployment)


I have read a few articles about this but these were old.


Does anyone have any ideas of possible causes and steps we could take to resolve this please?

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There are a couple of known issues with 2305.


They have released a 2305.1 update to address a dll issue, and another that is in private that will be released for permissions to VHDX containerization in the next build.


If it worked with the previous version you can either install 2305.1 and see if it fixes it.  If it doesn't then uninstall 2305.  Install the VDA without UPM, and then install the earlier version that did work correctly.

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