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Increasing number of DIFF-disks

Sven Schoormann


Hello everyone,


We've already searched the internet but haven't found a suitable answer to our question regarding Citrix Profile Management.


We're increasingly noticing that on our Citrix Profile server (currently V. 2305 on Windows 2019 Server, file-based, no FSLogixx), within the respective user profile path under ..\Pending\, Differencing Disks (Diff-V*.vhdx) are being created and continuously numbered. Every day, a new disk of about 4MB in size is created. These disks aren't deleted after a successful logoff and, during login the next morning, another new disk is read. This results in a vast amount of data waste for all users, and it also drives the Disk I/O values of the profile server down, causing the login times to be way too long. If you properly log off a user profile and close all open files, you can then safely delete the disks. There are no effects other than the fact that the user login runs much faster afterward and the overall performance of the profile server improves. After cleaning up, this behavior may not occur again for a long time, or it might suddenly reappear.


Does anyone have an explanation for what exactly is stored in these Differencing Disks, how they are created, and what can be done against it?

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