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Active-active setup for same IP address on Netscalers in different data centers

Ross Bender

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We have multiple data centers and currently use Netscalers with separate configurations per data center. Example:


Data center A: HA pair of Netscaler, where services uses IP addresses like

Data center B: HA pair of Netscaler, where services uses IP addresses like


We have some services where we'd like to have the same IP address being used actively in both data centers. For example, an IP of is configured on Netscalers in both data centers. Clients closest to data center A will use the Netscaler in that data center, and so on. All of the services we want to use for this feature are internal-only (not public facing).


In speaking with our networking team, we learned they are able to configure an anycast IP and MAC which can be active in both data centers. As I understand it, that enables logic for closest-path routing (sending traffic to the closest Netscaler).


However, we are getting a little confused on how this can/should be accomplished at the Netscaler level. We see Netscaler has an Anycast GSLB feature, but it appears to be related specifically to DNS. We do currently use GSLB for dynamic DNS resolution of one IP or another, but are not sure the Anycast feature fits our use case.


We also saw the Netscaler Clustering feature, but this appears to be combined Netscalers for the same system, rather than separate systems sharing a resource like IP addressed.


Lastly, we also found the ability for NetScaler Appliances in Active-Active Mode Using VRRP. This seems close, but there is still a prioritization of one Netscaler over others, rather than each serving traffic simultaneously.


All in all, we'd really appreciate some advise on how to approach this problem. Thanks!

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