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Filter users by FarmName/FarmID in Director

Ken Z


hi Everyone


got a customer with a Citrix Farm, and a HA pair of NetScaler ADCs

The NetScalers have got two gateways (vServers) configured; one using standard username/password, and another configured for MFA.

If I look at a logged in users details in Director, I can see things like Connected via (IP), and FarmName/FarmID

The connected via (IP) shows the IP address of the SNIP - no good for me

The FarmName/FarmID shows the vServer name and vServer IP (this is the info I need)

if there any way (without writing my own SQL queries) of extracting a list of all users who are connected via a specific vServer - i.e. by filtering on FarmName/FarmID?

this needs to be a historical list that can be exported to a csv file





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I can use the PowerShell commands


get-brokersession | Where-Object {$_.SmartAccessTags -match "<vServer>"} | Select-Object -Property UserName,EstablishmentTime,SmartAccessTags


This works in my CVAD 2203 test Farm, but on the customers 7.15 farm the SmartAccessTags field is blank. I've checked and SmartAccess is enabled on the NetScaler.




ken Z

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