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Keyboard Input repeats randomly

Yannick Mai




we have had the following problem for some time:

When users are typing in their Citrix Session, some of the input repeats randomly. So, a word looks like this: Heeeeeeello.

The occurrence of the problem is unfortunately random and does not affect all employees but only a certain part of them, but always the same ones.


Our environment:

StoreFront, Delivery Controller, Terminalserver-VDA = 2203 Cu1

Terminalserver = Windows Server 2016 

Workspace app = 2203 Cu2

Clients = Windows 10



If the affected employees write in local programs, the error never occurs and is therefore only detectable in our published applications from Citrix.


Things we tried to solve the problem:

- Change keyboard (wireless & wired), Change the client

- New Profile

- Updating Workspace app

- Typing in published desktop 


I found a relatble problem but this only refers to Linux VDA:


But it's just a work around with the auto repeat function and not a solve neither a Citrix solution.



Hope my question covers some aspects and is written in a good style.


Greedings Yannick 

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On 8/23/2023 at 4:33 PM, Jeff Riechers1709152667 said:

Are the connections internal, external with vpn, external with Gateway?


This usually is a sign of either high latency on the network line, or a system resource exhaustion on the server itself.


The issue appears as well with internal and external with gateway connections.


Our terminalservers are virtual and so far we haven't noticed any increased load on the hardware resources at reported times.

I haven't proved/tested the network connections between Clients - VDA.

Could there be a recommendation at this point as to which connection protocol in theory should not contain the error?

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