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ADC 13.1 responder policy exception

Matthew Riddler

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I have an ADC 13.1 HA pair that was upgraded from ADC 12.

In here I have a responder policy to only allow connections to an SMTP server. The Action is 'Drop' with an expression of


If I try to click OK after making a change to the IP's I get an invalid name.

There is no documentation that I can see that explains how to deal with an exclusion to a DROP, as it will not accept the ! 

Error is 'Invalid name; names must begin with an alphanumeric character or underscore and must contain only alphanumerics, '_' '#' '.' ' ' ':' '@' '=' or '-' [logAction, ]


Will try from a cmd line when I get to a test system, but anybody know how to set this with Except these IP's.




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