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Windows server 2019 VDA randomly won't reboot (2203 LTSR CU2)

Basil Oberson


Hi everyone,

We are managing around 30 Citrix farms with different sizes, from one multisession Windows server VDA (around 15 users) to 12 multisession Windows Server VDAs (around 200 users).

All farms are running the same versions of Citrix : 2203 CU2 LTSR

The user profiles are managed with FSLogix if profiles need to roam between several VDAs, or local profiles when there is only one VDA.

A scheduled task is configured to reboot the VDAs every night at 2am. (shutdown -r -t 00)

We have a problem with several VDA’s on different farms :

At 2am when the VDAs are scheduled to reboot, it happens randomly that one VDA doesn’t reboot properly. It remains powered on in VMware with a black screen and we have to reset it in the morning to reboot it properly. There are no logs in the Event viewer from the moment where the server tries to reboot with the scheduled task and when we restart it manually from VMware. This problem happens randomly, from once a week to once a month and everytime one a different server.

The only impacted VDAs are running Windows Server 2019. Some of them are running FSLogix but others have local profils.

We also have Windows server 2019 VDA (With FSLogix or not) where the problem never happened.

Does someone already experience this issue?

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