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High latency with Citrix SSO iOS and Android app

Bill Conlee

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Hello - 

We are implementing a new service for a few of our users that need to access an internally hosted mobile application via either iPhone or Android devices.  We have successfully implemented policies to allow authentication (nFactor) with the Citrix SSO app, but once a connection is established with the mobile device, we see very high latency.  So much so, that the application times out altogether.  The application has a troubleshooting feature and shows delays of up to 3200 ms. We are on NS code level  We've tried defining the application as a "internet application" and tested with both Split Tunneling Off and On.  Does anyone have any experience with the SSO VPN app and successful configuration on the NS platform?


Just some more info, we currently server up XEN Apps and desktops as well as Clientless RDP sessions with our NS ADC environment, and those things are working well with no significant latency.



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