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Linux VDA - hdx.log filling up with citrix-ctxclipboard messages

Dan Moore1709164019


I'm trying to debug a seemingly sporadic loss of connection issue.  In examining the /var/log/xdl/hdx.log on the Linux VDA, I see thousands of these messages (many times each second):


<P21521:S81> citrix-ctxclipboard: : Unable to allocate UTF-8 buffer


These seem to come when the client machine (where the Citrix Workspace is running, a Linux machine too) session has gone into lock mode some time after the screen saver activated.


To a lesser degree are these messages:


<P10341:S3> citrix-ctxclipboard: : Timestamp request failed !



Are these messages to be concerned about? If so, how to resolve.  If not, how can these messages be reduced.  Thank you.


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