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Citrix Cloud - Users Displayed as SIDs and Not User Names

Jeremiah Alger


Good Morning,

We currently use Citrix DaaS and have two Citrix Cloud Connectors and two FAS servers (all showing healthy status). I also use MCS for the images and I am currently on VDA 2212 for both XenApp and XenDesk.

Has anyone ran across an issue where in Citrix Daas Monitor users are displayed with what looks like SIDs and not their usernames? This just randomly started happening and I hoped it would resolve itself, but it has been over a week now. I have been searching online and have not found much in regards to this. 

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10 hours ago, Angus Nash said:

Hello all - we're seeing this for a couple of our client businesses as well - has anybody had any response from Citrix support - particularly as regards a timeframe for the issue getting patched?


They updated me last week, but only said they are still working on the backend to resolve. No estimated time to repair. 

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We have seen this as well for the past few weeks.   Not sure the reason, but also have seen Citrix notices of monitoring issues that may be related.



Previous updates

Monitoring - 08/14/2023 06:32AM EDT

Since 3:00 AM UTC DaaS Monitor may be experiencing issues with DaaS Admins unable to view session information and session control operations might get disabled. Admins m...


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I appreciate you taking the time to read my post and respond. I am not going to lie, it's nice to know I am not alone with this one. I opened a ticket this morning and they went through several steps and said they are going to look on the back end and get back with me. Have you experienced higher than usual users connection failures as well? This all started happening about the same time. Like a little over a week ago.  

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I have not seen any change in connection issues, we typically get a few - not many.  I usually ignore the few and consider it just a bad internet connection at the user side.   The SID for sure jumps out in Monitor view making you investigate.   Your setup is a mirror of what we have  -  2 FAS + 2 Connectors in Azure, 2 connectors on prem and we run MCS against the Azure AVD's.   We are on the VDA 2305.


Additional Info... upon checking today - we have the same 2 employee's showing the SID's again (different machines).





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Good Morning Everyone,


After 24 hours of Citrix receiving my logs here is what they told me:

The issue is seen for non-AD IDPs like Okta, Azure AD, Google IDP etc.


Citrix is aware of this issue and is working on addressing this.


As of now, the workaround is to Select the "Associated User Display Name" in Session Details to see the actual user name.


Problem Cause:
A change has been made on the backend where Broker is cleaning up our SAMName data in Cloud 114 release and setting SAMName to SID if SAMName is not available from the IDP.



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5 hours ago, Josh steiner1709160356 said:

We've had this issue for the past month or so and has finally just cleared up today  - I've been following this thread daily so thank you all for the updates!

Citrix support just reached out to me and said they are rolling out the fix and should be completed by EOD today. 

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