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masking new site to an exiting site's content

Louis Nguyen

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We have an existing site and the backend are IBM Websphere Portal with Web Content Manager (wcm). So the server is configure with specific information for the site let says sitea.example.net

Now I want to bring up a new site call siteb.example.com with the content of sitea.expample.net. Can't use responder redirect because the browser with just point to sitea.example.net

This is what I'm trying to accomplish

1. keep the existing site sitea.example.net

2. new site call siteb.example.com but has the content of sitea.example.net also keep the hostname intact as siteb.example.com (note sitea and siteB has two different certs)

Can this be accomplish using any netscaler solutions  without changing on the backend?


If any regular IIS and can just create a new vip point to the same backends then I have a new site or even create a dns alias to point to the same vip.


but because of IBM Websphere portal and Web content Manager. it is looking for specific hostname.



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So using the url transformation allows me to have the same URL but the content is from another url?

This is what I try to accomplish ... 

siteb.example.com (the browser also shows siteb.example.com) BUT the content is from sitea.example.net.
Normally I can create a new dns alias to the vip that I want to called or create a new VIP points to the same backend then I have a new site.

Since for this particular app, the backend is ibm Webspher Portal with  Web Content Manager so it is looking for sitea.example.net in the header.

I tried url transformation, rewrite request to modify the header and then rewrite respond but no luck.

Not sure if my actions or policies are correct...lol

So I am not sure if this is feasible using any NetScaler methods. Any addition suggestion is appreciated.

Louis Nguyen


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