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Can you run multiple XenApp farms on one SQL server?

Craig Puckett1709164015


I recently started at a new company and the environment is a bit hectic. There is a very old 6.5 farm, 7.15 and 1912. Each of which are running on their own SQL servers assigned to each of them. Before I started, the 1912 farm was going to be the "new" environment they were going to migrate everything to. But in my talks with them, we've decided to build out a new 2203 farm instead.


My question is...based on the 1912 farm and the SQL server they're using for it...can I use that same SQL server for the new 2203 farm, or should I dedicate another SQL server for it instead?


Personally I don't see why multiple farms can't live on the same SQL server. They're different databases with different instances, so that keeps them completely separate...correct?


Anyinformation would be greatly appreciated.

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