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CtxHook Logon UI Height/Width - Resolution Limit???

Eric Skinner


I am spinning up new servers using Windows Server 2019 and noticed that there is not enough room to display Username hint along with PIN on the Smartcard Logon option when a user launches an app and authenticates to the server. I currently have the LogonUIWidth/Height CtxHook set to 800x600 and can only see the Username Hint field if I hit Tab after entering the PIN. I have tested setting this to 1024x768 and that does allow the UsernameHint to show but after setting that value I have my VDA's unregister. I can reboot them and they register again but will eventually unregister. I have reverted to 800x600 for now, but am wondering if anyone knows of a limit on this setting? I can't keep rebooting my VDA's to keep them available but I'd also like to be able to see the additional logon field without having to hit Tab. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Ultimately, I can open a ticket on this, but I wanted to see if anyone has experience with this first. 


CVAD 2203 LTSR CU3 in use.

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