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Authentication / Authorization Issue after Upgrade to 13.0-91.13

Steffen Rak

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After Update of our Citrix MPX 12.1-65.35 to latest 13.0-91.13 we have some strange Authorization Issues.
I briefly describe the different scenarios for the Portal Login...


1. Login with User, AD Passwort AND RSA One-Demand (SMS Token)

  • everything works as expected (RDP to different Windows Servers and SSO to Citrix Storefront works)

2. Login with User, AD Passwort AND RSA Hardware Token

  • Login is ok, but if I click on RDP Bookmark I get an "Error: Not a privileged User". in ns.log I see "AAA Client Handler: Found extended error code 589826". Also Citrix SSO to Storfront Website is not working


3. new Testportal, Login with User and AD Passwort

  • same as Scenario 2, RDP (Not a privileged User) and Citrix Storefront SSO no longer works

 In ns.log I can't find any suspicious information. In all three scenarios the user is authenticated and i see the correct group memberships for the authorization policies. I also changed the global default authorization policy set to ALLOW, but no effect. Guess this is not an RSA Issue. I can check the RSA Auth Monitor and for Scenario 1 and 2 the login process is identical. For the ADC the RSA Login Process (SMS or Hardware Token) is the same with a small difference. For SMS Token there is a additional Page after the initial AD User/Password and SMS PIN Page. So the question is, why is Authorization with RSA SMS Login is working, with simple AD Login not?

Any Ideas?

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Ok, after opening a ticket to citrix support we found the issue. The update process from 12.1-65.35 to 13.0-91.13 changed the session policy expressions. After removing "&& REQ.HTTP.HEADER Referer EXISTS" in the expression section of the session policy the issue is fixed. 

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