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Need to upgrade NS VPX 200 to 12.1 then 13.0 but not HA Pair yet

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I have inherited a single Netscaler VPX that is running 12.0 and security would like me to upgrade to 12.1 and 13.0 ASAP.  I'd like to make this an HA pair as well.


Is it possible to add a second VPX that is already 12.1 to the existing, then transfer services to the newly added?  Then upgrade the existing, then go throught the 12.1 to 13?


What are my best options here?

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You need to have both NetScaler with same Firmware if you want to create a HA Pair.

My suggestion here would be:

1. Upgrade from 12.0 to 12.1 with same Firmware.

2. Configure HA Pair.

3. Validate HA Pair synchronization is working and test Failover.

4. Upgrade secondary node to 13.0 or later and reboot.

5. After reboot, failover and test connection.

6. Upgrade remaining node, reboot and failover.

7. Test connection.




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