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Update vCenter Machine Certification

Zulhadi Zainal


Hi all,


I need some query need to ask here.


My customer current vCenter machine cert that integrated with Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktop is  currently expired and their infrastructure team planning to upgrade the cert in near future. My question need to clarify, is it need the cert renewal of this vCenter machine could be impacted our Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops environment if the activity is proceed? Any assessment/task need to be done from the citrix side to ensure the vCenter machine cert update could impact the CVAD environment after post activity of renewal that cert? Appreciate any response on this matter from any expert here. Thanks





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On 8/7/2023 at 12:50 PM, James Kindon said:


Hi @James Kindon,


Thank for response on my query. Just want to clarify something. I also noticed in KB mentioned about update the cert signature. Is it required or after we replaced the the certificate (by remove old and reinstall new in DDC) it will update automatically the cert signature? Can you advise on this?



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1 hour ago, Carl Stalhood1709151912 said:

If your Site database contains the vCenter certificate thumbprint, then you need to update the thumbprint after you replace the vCenter certificate. If your Site database does not contain the thumbprint, then just update the root certificate on the Delivery Controllers.

Hi @Carl Stalhood1709151912,


Thank Carl for the input. Just want to asking if you can answer it

1) Can you advice me, where the place I can get new vCenter cert that need to install to DDC? I'm quite confused about this matter. 

2) Is it the vCenter cert that need to install to DDC is the same vCenter SSL cert that applied to vCenter? 


Appreciate your response on this matter.


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