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Logoff issues related to Printer Settings

Raffael Trotta


Hello there,


Since Upgrading to CAD 1912 LTSR CU7 (Virtual Desktops on Windows Server 2019) we are having logoff issues, all seem printer settings related.

Current case is a Delivery Group where "Auto-Create client printers" is set to "Default Printer" - logoffs with this enabled to not finish completely, the session remains on the server in a "disconnected" state. Logging of the session through Task Manager on the Server itself or Citrix Studio seem to always work.

Another case was a Delivery Group where the configured printer could not be mapped, depending on the subnet you were connecting from. This also led to logoffs not finishing correctly.


Anybody else encountering these problems? Anybody knows any workarounds for those problems?


Any Feedback is appreciated!

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